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Apple Sign Company LLC
Terms of Service

Financing Terms: Any invoice that remains unpaid for a period of 30 days (or 90 days for invoices that will be paid by purchase order) after completion of jobs that do not required installation & prior to installation of jobs that require it, the project will be subject to a financing fee. This fee will be charged at a rate of 1.5% per month or 18% per year.

Artwork Terms: For all jobs requiring design work, the Artwork Agreement states that the customer will not incur any additional charges for the first artwork proof and the first revision. However, starting from the second revision onwards, each subsequent artwork proof will be subject to an additional fee of $10.00. This clause ensures that the customer has the opportunity to review and make necessary changes to the initial design without incurring any extra costs, while also providing a clear pricing structure for any subsequent revisions.

Ownership of Artwork: All artwork created by Apple Sign Company LLC , including any edits made to customer-supplied artwork, shall remain the exclusive property of Apple Sign Company LLC unless otherwise purchased by the client. By accepting estimates, the client understands and agrees that they do not hold any rights or ownership to the artwork, unless specified otherwise in a separate agreement. This clause ensures that Apple Sign Company LLC retains full control and ownership over the artwork, unless the client opts to purchase the rights to it.

Installation Terms: If installation services are required for the products or services provided under this agreement, the client agrees to pay the full amount due prior to the commencement of the installation. Failure to make the payment in advance may result in a delay in the installation process. The client understands that the full payment is necessary in order to schedule and allocate resources for the installation services in a timely manner.

By accepting the estimate provided by Apple Sign Company LLC , the client also agrees to the terms detailed above.

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